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Re: What does setStrict() Do?

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  • From: guilhelm savin <guilhelm.savin AT>
  • To: "graphstream-users AT" <graphstream-users AT>, Greg Nifor <whitehotentropy AT>
  • Subject: Re: What does setStrict() Do?
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 04:25:52 +0200


I guess the official website is the best place for that.
You can find informations about strict mode on the API of Graph :

If strict checking is enabled the graph checks for name space conflicts (e.g. insertion of two nodes with the same name), removal of non-existing elements, use of non existing elements (create an edge between two non existing nodes). Graph implementations are free to respect strict checking or not.


2016-06-21 22:38 GMT+02:00 Greg Nifor <whitehotentropy AT>:

What does setStrict() do? Is there a place I can find documentation on the project?


Guilhelm Savin
PhD of Computer Science

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