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RES: GraphStream usage issue

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  • From: Matheus Silva <matheus.g.unicamp AT>
  • To: Stefan Balev <stefan.balev AT>, "graphstream-users AT" <graphstream-users AT>, Bilal Najeeb <bilal.najeeb2011 AT>
  • Subject: RES: GraphStream usage issue
  • Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 12:57:22 -0300
  • Importance: normal

Well, this behaviour will keep the mouse interaction? As you can see here i’m using the loop and it blocked the graph rendering. I created a thread and invoked this class within another thread. But the mouse interaction stopped working. Should i remove the while loop from inside of it and invoke as you saying?


MyGraphClass g = new MyGraphClass();







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De: Stefan Balev
Enviado:segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2016 12:28
Para: graphstream-users AT; Bilal Najeeb
Assunto: Re: GraphStream usage issue




This is not a GraphStream issue. This is the expected behavior when you block the swing thread. Try the following (without using GraphStream) :


private void btnGraphStreamActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {




and you will obtain the same result.








2016-05-02 17:04 GMT+02:00 Bilal Najeeb <bilal.najeeb2011 AT>:

Greetings everyone,


I am Bilal, a software engineer from Pakistan. First of all i would like to tell you that the graphstream library is admirable, great work.


I am currently working on a project in which i have to generate some graphical output and I am using graphstream. From the tutorial given on the website, it is working fine when i make a separate test project in net beans for interactive graph which would respond to click events but when i try to do the same thing in the project I am working on, the graph wont appear just a Jframe and that too even wont close when i click on the cross button. I am pasting my code below kindly help me out. I shall be very great-full to you guys.


This is the code of the button click event from another Jframe


private void btnGraphStreamActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {                                               

        new Clicks();




and this is the code where the graph will actually be made


package forms;

import org.graphstream.graph.Graph;

import org.graphstream.graph.implementations.SingleGraph;

import org.graphstream.ui.view.Viewer;

import org.graphstream.ui.view.ViewerListener;

import org.graphstream.ui.view.ViewerPipe;


public class Clicks implements ViewerListener{

    protected boolean loop = true;

    public Clicks() {

Graph graph = new SingleGraph("Clicks");

Viewer viewer = graph.display();





ViewerPipe fromViewer = viewer.newViewerPipe();



while(loop) {




public void viewClosed(String id) {

loop = false;


public void buttonPushed(String id) {

System.out.println("Button pushed on node "+id);


public void buttonReleased(String id) {

System.out.println("Button released on node "+id);




kindly reply me as soon as possible.





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