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  • From: Jim McDonald <Jim AT>
  • To: graphstream-users AT
  • Subject: Serialization of Graph
  • Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 12:50:24 +0100

I've just started using GraphStream and one of my requirements is to be able to serialize and deserialize graphs for storage in a database.

Ideally I'd like to serialize the graph as JSON through Jackson but I can't just pass the object as-is to Jackson because any loops in the graph will cause Jackson to fail to serialize it. The next best solution is to write custom serializers and deserializers which will convert the graph to/from a suitable format.

I know that there are various sinks and sources available, but I'm unsure of which one is best to use. I'd want a compact plain-text serialization of the graph which allows me to read and write the entire graph to and from a String. Are there any suggestions on the best format to use, and how to work with strings rather than files when serializing and deserializing?

Thanks in advance.


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