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  • From: Yoann Pigné <yoann.pigne AT>
  • To: graphstream-users AT,Manuel Chica Serrano <mchserrano AT>
  • Subject: Re: Copy graphs
  • Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 07:18:27 +0200

Le 30 septembre 2014 23:22:03 CEST, Manuel Chica Serrano <mchserrano AT> a écrit :

I have a Graph which evolves in a simulation (removing and adding edges). Then, I would like to come back to the initial state. Is there any way? If not, what is the best way to copy a graph to have always the initial state of the graph as another variable?

Regards and thanks


Use method mergeIn() from the utility class Graphs in package graphstream.graph.implementations.

Good luck,


  • Re: Copy graphs, Yoann Pigné, 01/10/2014

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