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Re: FordFulkersonAlgorithm - negative flows

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  • From: guilhelm savin <guilhelm.savin AT>
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  • Subject: Re: FordFulkersonAlgorithm - negative flows
  • Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 23:59:54 +0100

Hi Monica,

You don't find the expected value because the example of the book is a directed graph but you are creating an undirected one.
However, it seems that there is a bug in our implementation of this algorithm when the graph is directed. We are looking to fix it.
Of course, if you find the bug before, we will be very pleased to publish your fix !



2013/10/31 <monix_cora15 AT>

I'm a Computer Science student and I use GraphStream for a personal project.

One question regarding Flow algorithms:

I used FordFulkersonAlgorithm to compute the maximum flow in a bipartite graph,
but I get negative flows on some of the edges, and therefore it returns a wrong
maximum flow.

Is there any way to constraint the flow on any edge to be positive?
My code example is in the end of the email.

Thank you very much for your help!

Kind regards,
Monica Dragan


import org.graphstream.algorithm.flow.FordFulkersonAlgorithm;
import org.graphstream.graph.Edge;
import org.graphstream.graph.Graph;
import org.graphstream.graph.implementations.SingleGraph;

public class MaxFlow {

        //example from Coreman, 3rd edition, page 733
        public static SingleGraph bipartite_graph(){

                SingleGraph bipartite_graph = new SingleGraph("bipartite");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("1").setAttribute("ui.label", "1");

                bipartite_graph.addNode("2").setAttribute("ui.label", "2");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("3").setAttribute("ui.label", "3");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("4").setAttribute("ui.label", "4");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("5").setAttribute("ui.label", "5");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("6").setAttribute("ui.label", "6");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("7").setAttribute("ui.label", "7");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("8").setAttribute("ui.label", "8");
                bipartite_graph.addNode("9").setAttribute("ui.label", "9");

                bipartite_graph.addEdge("s-1", "source", "1", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("s-2", "source", "2", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("s-3", "source", "3", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("s-4", "source", "4", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("s-5", "source", "5", false);

                bipartite_graph.addNode("sink").setAttribute("ui.label", "t");
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("6-t", "6", "sink", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("7-t", "7", "sink", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("8-t", "8", "sink", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("9-t", "9", "sink", false);

                bipartite_graph.addEdge("1-6", "1", "6", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("2-6", "2", "6", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("2-8", "2", "8", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("3-7", "3", "7", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("3-8", "3", "8", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("3-9", "3", "9", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("4-8", "4", "8", false);
                bipartite_graph.addEdge("5-8", "5", "8", false);

                return bipartite_graph;

        public static double getMaxFlow(Graph bipartite_graph){

                FordFulkersonAlgorithm flow = new FordFulkersonAlgorithm();
                flow.init(bipartite_graph, "source", "sink");

                for(Edge e: bipartite_graph.getEachEdge()) {
                        System.out.println(e.getNode0().getId() + " " +
e.getNode1().getId() + " - flow=" + flow.getFlow(e.getNode0(), e.getNode1()));
                System.out.println("Max flow = " + flow.getMaximumFlow());

                return flow.getMaximumFlow();

        public static void main(String[] s){

                SingleGraph bipartite_graph = bipartite_graph();



Guilhelm Savin
PhD Student of Computer Science

  • Re: FordFulkersonAlgorithm - negative flows, guilhelm savin, 03/11/2013

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