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GEXF for Dynamic Graphs?

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  • From: Dylan Hutchison <dhutchis AT>
  • To: users AT
  • Subject: GEXF for Dynamic Graphs?
  • Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 19:21:07 -0700

Hi there,

Back in January an email went around on using the Timeline class plus FileSinkGEXF to record a stream of graph events to a Timeline object, and at a later time, write out all those events to a GEXF file via FileSinkGEXF.  Since then, Timeline has seen good development and has really nice playback methods. But, there still does not appear to be any way to save a Timeline (or Graph in general) to a GEXF file.  

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to save a dynamic graph to a GEXF file?

Ideally, I would like to write something like this:
Timeline timeline = new Timeline();
Graph g = new SingleGraph("data");

//timeline.playback(); // Side note: Really useful method for playing back to a Graph g

// Can we play back to a file instead?
FileSinkGEXF fsinkgexf = new FileSinkGEXF();
fsinkgexf.playbackTo(fsinkgexf, "output.gexf"); // made up method

Dylan Hutchison

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