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Problem in installing graphstream

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  • From: Happy Mittal <happy2332 AT>
  • To: users AT
  • Subject: Problem in installing graphstream
  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 15:58:19 +0530

Hi graphstream,
  I have just downloaded graphstream from, the I unzipped it.
In your FAQ - How do I install?, you have written
"Simply download the zip or tar.bz2 packages on the Download section of this website. This file contains a binary jar package and the API documentations. Point your classpath to these classes and you're done"

But I can't really understand this. I am working on Linux.
I have added following line in .bashrc file for setting the classpath, but it doesn't seem to work.
export CLASSPATH=~/Desktop/gs-ui-1.1.2/gs-ui-1.1.2.jar:~/Desktop/gs-ui-1.1.2/gs-ui-1.1.2-javadoc.jar:~/Desktop/gs-ui-1.1.2/gs-ui-1.1.2-sources.jar:$CLASSPATH

When i run the command : java -jar gs-ui-1.1.2.jar, it gives an error : Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from

What should I do ?

Happy Mittal

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