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How to convert DGS files to GEXF

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  • From: Christian Moewes <cmoewes AT>
  • To: users AT
  • Subject: How to convert DGS files to GEXF
  • Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 13:07:51 +0100

Dear users of the graphstream-project,

I'd like to congratulate you to your faboulous tool. I am mainly using the DGS format to store my dynamic graphs efficiently zipped for analyses.

Now, I'd like to use Gephi and its Graph Streaming Plugin especially. Is there any easy (and hopefully already implemented way) to convert DGS files to GEXF?

I know that graphstream can read GEXF, and I could also implement such file converter by myself. I thought maybe somebody has already done that job and would like to share his/her implementation.

Thanks a lot and have a great start into the new year,

  • How to convert DGS files to GEXF, Christian Moewes, 31/12/2012

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