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Re: bug in gs 0.4.2

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  • From: Antoine Dutot <antoine.dutot AT>
  • To: graphstream-users AT, Luc Hogie <luc.hogie AT>
  • Subject: Re: bug in gs 0.4.2
  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 11:34:03 +0100

That is an interesting comment, please elaborate.

You should have posted before on the changes to tell us ! We are interested in BOTH positive and negative comments.

And needless to say, that my later mail on pherd.jar still holds, correcting it for 1.x will probably correct it for 0.4.2.


2011/11/28 Luc Hogie <luc.hogie AT>
Thanks Guilhelm,

Unfortunately the model in v1.0 doesn't meet my needs. Simple things require too long coding.
I'll have to stick with 0.4.2 or quit.

I'll try to find a solution.


On 11/28/11 11:18 AM, guilhelm savin wrote:
Hi Luc,

There is no more support for 0.4.2. We now put all our efforts on the
1.x releases so support is dedicated to these 1.x  releases.

Check new 1.1 release at   :
or  get nightly-builds here : <>


2011/11/28 Luc Hogie <luc.hogie AT <mailto:luc.hogie AT>>

   Hi GS team,

   I'm still using GS 0.4.2. When I replaced by local JAR by the
   "official 0.4.2" release, I got the following error:

   Exception in thread "GraphStream layout thread"
   java.lang.AssertionError: Particle in two boxes at a time ?
      at org.miv.pherd.Particle.setBox(
      at org.miv.pherd.ParticleBox. removeAllParticles(
      at org.miv.pherd.ntree.Cell. resize(
      at org.miv.pherd.ntree.NTree. checkDivisions(
      at org.miv.pherd.ParticleBox. step(
      at org.miv.graphstream.algorithm.
   layout2.elasticbox.ElasticBox. compute(
      at org.miv.graphstream.algorithm.

   I'm simply trying to display a 10x10 grid. This worked perfectly
   with my previous jar (dunno where I got it).

   Any idea?


   --     Luc Hogie - CNRS Research Engineer
   COMRED Research Unit (I3S(CNRS-UNS) INRIA) members/Luc.Hogie/
   luc.hogie AT <mailto:luc.hogie AT>
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   +33 6 80 91 40 71 <tel:%2B33%206%2080%2091%2040%2071> (mobile)

   Skype ID: luchogie

Guilhelm Savin
PhD Student of Computer Science
LITIS, University of Le Havre
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Luc Hogie - CNRS Research Engineer
luc.hogie AT
+33 4 89 73 24 25 (office)
+33 6 80 91 40 71 (mobile)
Skype ID: luchogie

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