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  • From: Keith Thompson <kthomps6 AT>
  • To: graphstream-users AT
  • Subject: Re: GIS data
  • Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 10:56:05 -0400


Thank you so much for your help.  I will look into that library.


On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 10:38 AM, Yoann Pigné <yoann.pigne AT> wrote:

The best cartographic projections library I know so far is the Proj.4 project. You will be able to do projections of latitude longitude coordinates using tens of projections methods.

Dealing with GraphStream, indeed it does need cartesian units to run. Latitudes and longitudes won't work, but once projected with the method of your choice and the unit of your choice (m, km, mi, yd, ...), then it will work.

There is no projection facility directly implemented in GraphStream, you will have to use the native (C/C++) Proj.4 library.  I am also aware of a java portage called Proj4J but it's still under development.



On Oct 25, 2011, at 4:15 PM, Keith Thompson wrote:

> Can anyone suggest to me a method for translating latitude, longitude coordinates to x,y coordinates for GraphStream?  Should I use mileage as a measure?  Are there any particular classes/methods I should be looking at?
> Regards,
> Keith Thompson

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