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  • Subject: Questions about RMI
  • Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 14:55:12 +0100
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Dear all,


I’m just started using GraphStream and I must say that this is a very powerful tool.

Now I want to use it with the RMI functionality. I want to implement the following scenario:


-          Process A is generating Nodes and Edges for the Graph

-          Process B is just getting the new nodes and edges and displaying it on the screen.


For that, I’ve been trying to follow this tutorial:


So, before I had something like this:


Graph graph = new SingleGraph(“g”);




// and so on...


Now I have this code split in two parts:


On one side, I have the part that displays the graph on the screen, which is very simple:

RMISource source = new RMISource();

Graph graph = new DefaultGraph(“g”);





On the other process, I must have an RMISink where I push the new nodes and edges, right?

So, I must have the following:

RMISink sink = new RMISink();



Then, according to the Tutorial, I have to create a Generator, connect it to the Sink and start loop on the generator.nextEvents();


The questions that I have are the following:

-          The generator must be implemented by myself, based on my graph data source, or I can use some already implemented Generator with a interface similar to what I have for graphs(addNode, addEdge, etc)?

-          If I need to implement my own generator, how should I do it? Is there any tutorial to do this? I’m missing this part: how to add nodes and edges, and push it to the RMISink...


All help will be much appreciated!


Thanks and kind regards,





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