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Issues with the dot format.

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  • From: Nicolas Quattropani <nicolas.quattropani AT>
  • To: graphstream-users AT
  • Subject: Issues with the dot format.
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 11:36:06 +0200


I am now working with the dot format and I have some remarques / questions. I made this easy example in order to present what I found to you. First of all, I create a dot file from my graph like this :

public class ExportTest {

public static void main(String args[]) {

new ExportTest();


public ExportTest() {

DefaultGraph g = new DefaultGraph("dot");

FileSink t = new FileSinkDOT();




g.addEdge("1", "A-1", "B", true);

g.addEdge("2", "A-1", "C", true);

g.addEdge("3", "B", "C", true);

try {

t.writeAll(g, "testDot");

} catch (IOException e) {





And here is the generated dot file :

graph {




B -> C;

A-1 -> C;

A-1 -> B;


I want after that to use graphViz and display my graph in a pdf file like this : "dot –Tpdf testDot –o graph.pdf"

My first problem is that it's not working because the "digraph" keyword should be written instead of "graph". Then we obtain this pdf file:

We can see that the composed names with the "-" are not properly handled. There is no problem when those names are surrounded by quotation mark "" .


Finally, how can I apply some of my css aspects in the pdf generated by GraphVitz ? I guess I have to look toward graphviz but I was wondering if there is an easy way to do that and modify the shapes aspect of my nodes (for example) in the pdf ?

Thanks for your help.



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