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Re: shape of an edge

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  • From: Antoine Dutot <antoine.dutot AT>
  • To: graphstream-users AT
  • Subject: Re: shape of an edge
  • Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 12:12:01 +0200

This feature did not made its path in version 1.0 ... but is present on GitHub.

I send you a jar in a mail to your address to avoid attaching it on the mailing list.

This is not yet documented, you can make dots or dashes appear on edges this way:

edge {
    fill-mode: none; // Remove the fill.
    size: 0px;   // The default is 1 !
    stroke-mode: dashes;
    stroke-width: 1px;    // The default is 0 ! no stroke, only fill.

This may change in the future, to allow the style sheet to define the size of dashes for example.


2011/7/1 Luc Hogie <luc.hogie AT>
edge.shape0 { stroke-mode: plain; }
edge.shape1 { stroke-mode: dashes; }

doesn't work either. :(

On 7/1/11 5:53 PM, Luc Hogie wrote:
Hi all,

Stupidly, I can't figure out how to display an edge as a sequence of dots.
I made many attempts, including:

edge.shape0 { shape: line; }
edge.shape1 { shape: dotted; }

What are the correct keywords?


Luc Hogie - CNRS Research Engineer
luc.hogie AT
+33 4 89 73 24 25 (office)
+33 6 80 91 40 71 (mobile)
Skype ID: luchogie

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